Optimizing your learning environment

Does your learning environment support concentration and productive study, or are you distracted by external stimuli? By answering a few simple questions, you can quickly find out whether your environment supports or hinders your learning. You can do this test every time you start to work in a focused way.

Is your desk tidy and does it contain only the tools and materials you need for your studies?

Do you make sure in advance that you are not unnecessarily interrupted during your studies?

Is your phone out of reach?

Are your phone notifications on silent?

Do you only have apps and websites open that you need for your studies?

Is your study environment quiet or have you pre-selected suitable background music for your studies?

Are you studying in a place where you can resist the temptation to do something else (e.g. a library)?

Do you use a focus app or method such as Pomodoro?

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